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    USA AA Meeting Directory – GSO   by State   Alabama / North West Florida Alaska Arizona Arkansas California ( Southern) California ( Northern Coastal ) California ( Northern Interior ) California ( Imperial / San Diego ) California ( Mid Southern ) Colorado Columbia Connecticut Delaware Florida ( North ) Florida ( South ) […]

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    List of AA meetings worldwide ( growing !!)   Afghanistan – English Speaking Albania – English Speaking Austria – English Speaking Costa Rica – English Speaking USA

  • Resources Directory – 12 Step Meetings

    This is a directory of 12 step meetings of different fellowships, throughout the world. Please note that it is continually being updated, and if you have any links you would like to be included please email me db(at)arehab.org ( replacing at with at sign ) It is always a good idea to to check details […]

  • What is a Christian Rehab ?

    Anyone looking for a Christian rehab will generally be doing so for one of two reasons. The first reason is that they want a rehab that is purely faith-based or Bible based, the second reason is that they want a more traditional rehab, but one that is focused on spirituality and/or a Christian based approach […]

  • What Staff Does a Rehab Have ?

    A rehab or treatment center should employ a wide range of different health care professionals, who have extensive clinical experience in dealing with alcoholism and addiction. If the rehab is basing some of its therapeutic treatments on the twelve step progarm of Alcoholics Anonymous, then it is usually helpful if some of the staff are […]

  • What Programs does a Drug and Alcohol Rehab offer?

    Traditionally, a rehab program or treatment center would help treat people through two specific routes.The first would be a medical detox if needed, followed by a fairly intensive therapeutic process based around the first five steps of the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. This would mainly be done in a mix of group discussion, […]

  • Alcohol and Drugs Rehab Drugs List

    Most rehabs will offer to treat addiction to alcohol and a wide range of drugs, as well as possibly other addictions. The website of the rehab should list the names of the drugs that it offers treatment for the addiction to. It is likely that the recovery process in the rehab will focus on the […]

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