12 step program

Many people are familiar with the term 12 step program, but its implications and it applications have risen considerably over the last few years in the context of people using a 12 step program to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

In its most basic sense a 12 step program refers to the program of recovery outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, which details the experience of the early members of Alcoholics Anonymous with regard to the various elements of the process they took that help them get sober and stay sober.

The 12 step program of recovery outlines 12 basic elements of this process, and the book presents clear and detailed instructions as to how to do this.

The book Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 step program of recovery outlined in it became a template for other 12 step fellowships that developed on the back of it, and use the essence of the program as a basis for their own program of recovery.

12 step program

The 12 step program initiated by Alcoholics Anonymous has in effect allowed any other individual or organisation to come to terms with and get a better from any type of addiction or problem that they themselves are unable to deal with.

The first step of the program refers to alcohol in the context of the book Alcoholics Anonymous, and any other organisations or individuals can use the same principles and merely substitute whatever their problem is the word alcohol in the first step.

The actual 12-step program itself is copyrighted to Alcoholics Anonymous, but any individual can use the principles of the wording of the principles for their own benefit they so wish.

The 12 step program has also been widely adapted by a large sum of rehabs and treatment centers, and often forms a basis of their own addiction treatment programs.

Many rehabs use the first five steps of the program to help people in recovery for the first 28 days or so whilst they are in rehab. It is worth pointing out that the actual work done within the context of the 12 step program is normally quite different in a rehab to the experience outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous.

Where it is similar and also confusing is that a rehab ortreatment center often use the term step one, step two etc and also the actual wording of the step. The work done to understand and implement the step in an individual’s life will normally be different in a rehab to the process outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous.