About This Site

This site aims to provide information and resources about what happens in a rehab and the different approaches that rehabs use to alcoholism and other types of addiction.

It tries to help and explain some of the basic ideas that are part of the therapeutic work that is usually done in a rehab.

This type of recovery work is usually also done in twelve step fellowships , such as Alcoholics Anonymous, either as a continuance of rehab, or as a stand alone recovery process.

About Me

I am a freelance writer who writes about all areas of recovery, self growth and self development.

I have a particular focus on self help issues for people who are in recovery from or who have been affected by alcoholism and other addictions.

Some people begin their journey of recovery and healing in a rehab, others in a twelve step fellowship such as Alcoholics Anonymous, others in a religious or spiritual setting.

I have been in this field for just under thirty years and have extensive experience in many areas of different therapeutic approaches, including counselling, inner child work, meditation, spirituality, adult child work, 12 step recovery work etc.

With respect to AA’s Eleventh Tradition, I do not put any identifying information about me on this site, but please feel free to contact me by email at db(at)arehab.org



I have no connection, financial or otherwise, with any rehab or related organisation mentioned on this site. For a full disclaimer, please click here