Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a term given to the process of recovering from alcohol addiction or alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction and a variety of other serious addictive or compulsive behaviours that are seen as either life-threatening or likely to cause significant damage to an individual or family.

The notion of addiction recovery is a broadening of the idea of alcoholism as an illness, with the idea of addiction being a wider church that people can enter into.

Addiction recovery can in some ways be quite a controversial term, often because people tend to think that the idea of addiction as an illness, or alcoholism as an illness or disease simply a bit of a whitewash that allows people to get away with very destructive or life-threatening behaviour.

This can sometimes be true of various individuals, but should not be seen as a black and white issue, or one that divides people. It should be a context within which people can find the notion of recovery helpful, and is in many ways a bit of a distraction to the real issue.

If someone is looking for recovery from a type of serious addiction, then there are a number of routes open to them as a primary resource.

Many people will automatically assume that addiction recovery should take place primarily in a residential rehab or treatment center. This is because rehabs and treatment centers have become the main focal point for the addiction recovery treatment model that most people associate with recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction.

In fact there are many other options that may be worth considering, as well as should be a careful scrutiny of what a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab is offering by way of addiction treatment programs.

Addiction Recovery

Many people who have addiction recovery issues they need help with go straight to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and get over and stay sober via that route. Other people go directly to meetings of Narcotics Anonymous, and similarly through meetings and working the 12 step program themselves that way.

By way of addiction recovery treatment, residential rehabs and treatment centres are normally paid for by health insurance, and will require a period of approximately 28 days, although some rehabs do offer longer term programs.

There are also a number of day options, often referred to as partial hospitalisation treatment or simply as day treatment.

These type of programs allow an individual tp privately carry on working and do some type of rehab program in the evening, or to do day programs during the working day, and be able to go home or go to AA meetings in the evening as a type of structured process similar to that of having a job.