What is an alcohol addiction?

To many people an alcohol addiction is fairly obvious in terms of its practicalities and the impact or effect that such an addiction has on the people close by to the person who is addicted. An alcohol addiction is normally referred to as alcoholism, but there is possibly a distinction between someone who is heavily addicted to alcohol and can stop drinking on their own, and an alcoholic who is completely unable to stop.

Alcohol addiction normally refers to alcoholism, and the distinction between an alcoholic and a heavy drinker can be a subtle and sometimes and irrelevant one for other people. For the individual concerned it is an important distinction, largely because alcohol addiction in an alcoholic sense is a different process to someone who stopped drinking, gets addicted and finds it difficult to stop.

Alcohol addiction in terms of alcoholism can be dealt with in a number of ways, the most common being attendance at and involvement in the 12th at Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is normally the most effective way of helping an individual who has an alcohol addiction, but there are other ways available if AA doesn’t work for that person.

Alcohol Addiction – Alcoholism as an Illness

The growth of Alcoholics Anonymous as a 12-step fellowship grew with the belief and experience that alcoholism is an illness, and that the most effective treatment was the 12 step program used as the basis for recovery within that fellowship . Rehabs and treatment centers began to pick up on the therapeutic principles that are part of the process of the AA recovery program, and started to use these principles in their own businesses.

Many people with an alcohol addiction will consider going into a rehab as the primary focus for the area that they can get helping in terms of helping them to stop drinking. Going into rehab is certainly one option, as is going directly to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous is another option.

Anyone who has a serious alcohol addiction that they believe to be alcoholic or similar, can seek out a wide variety of options of help that may be available to help them stop. Depending on the level and intensity of their drinking, and whether they are dual diagnosed, meaning they have been using other drugs or substances as well, a medical detox may well be needed.

If entering a rehab for an alcohol addiction it is important to check that the rehab or treatment center has adequate facilities and medical personnel to establish and oversee and perform a medical detox if needed.