Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida

Most, if not the majority of rehabs in Florida will promote themselves as drug and alcohol rehabs, or alcohol and drug rehabs in Florida. There is a specific reason for this that needs to be understood, although it can sometimes be confusing for most people.

The understanding of an alcoholics mindset that they need to drink is perhaps unique to those people who are alcoholics themselves, suffice to say that there is a difference between a heavy drinker and an alcoholic.

Many people will have differing views of the nature of alcoholism, but there seems to be common agreement in the book Alcoholics Anonymous that an alcoholic will have a different physical reaction to alcohol than people who are not alcoholics.

The book Alcoholics Anonymous refers to this difference as being like a physical allergy to alcohol, not an ideal term but one that is designed to differentiate out the physical reaction of alcoholics to alcohol to other people.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab

An alcohol and drug rehab in Florida is likely to treat someone who is both an alcoholic and a drug addict as being an individual who has what a rehab term as an addictive personality, that can choose the type of drug, basically alcohol or any other that they use to effectively medicate themselves.

The focus that a rehab is likely to have is that the addictive personality is the issue, and that the substance or chemical that an alcoholic uses is secondary in the sense that it can be one of many addictions.

This idea of an addictive personality is seemingly attractive to a number of people as it explains a degree of behaviour, and patterns of abuse or destruction. The problem with it is that it oversimplifies a number of core issues concerning alcoholism and alcoholics.

An alcohol and drug rehab in Florida will refer to an individual who has a problem with both alcohol and drugs as being what is commonly termed dual addicted. The rehab may also say that the individual has problems with food, codependency, or a wide variety of other addictions.

This is an area that should be of concern to anyone considering entering an alcohol and drug rehab in Florida.

Potential clients who are alcoholics will have a felt sense of their alcoholism, even if they do not fully understand the reality of what is happening to them. They will realise that their alcoholism is not simply an addiction to alcohol in the sense that people are addicted to cigarettes or coffee.

An alcohol and drug rehab should be able to make a clear distinction betweenthe nature of alcoholism, and other types of addiction that can be dangerous or harmful. This is important because it is a truth.