An alcohol rehab, which can also be referred to as a treatment center, is possibly thought of as a more traditional type of rehab, as when rehabs and treatment centers began to emerge as a way of treating alcoholics, they tended to deal with  alcohol only, and as such are often referred to as alcohol rehabs.

Nowadays, anyone seeking help for a problem with alcoholism or alcohol dependency is likely to look at several routes, the most common ones being either going straight to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, or entering a residential treatment center rehab for a period of time, normally about 28 days, where the recovery process will involve a wide range of addiction treatment programs.

Anyone entering a rehab or treatment center  is likely to soon be enveloped in the world of 12 Recovery, and specifically in the principles and meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

It is important to be really clear that the organisation Alcoholics Anonymous itself has no connection whatever with any rehab treatment center anywhere.

There are however a wide number of informal connections can often overlap, that can sometimes seem bordering on a degree of enmeshment.


This degree of cooperation between the majority of treatment centres and Alcoholics Anonymous can be broken down into a couple of areas.

The majority of rehabs and treatment centres that offer addiction treatment programs based these programs on some of the principles of the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

In reality these addiction treatment programs normally quite different in content to the specific cost program of Alcoholics Anonymous, but are often presented as being the same thing.

They are in fact normally quite different, but again do overlap in terms of referring to specific steps, even if the work involved in a specific step is quite different.

The other way treatment centres and alcohol rehabs overlap with alcoholics anonymous is at a number of treatment centers will physically host AA meetings at their venue, and residents in the alcohol rehab will be expected to attend these meetings.

Where this happens it is normally made fairly clear that the a meeting is completely independent of the rehab, and is simply hiring venue in the same way that it hides venues such as church halls. AA