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  • What is a 12 Step Program?

    A 12 step program normally refers to the recovery process outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, that has been subsequently adopted by a number of other organisations that help people with various addictions and problems. The book Alcoholics Anonymous was written by the early members of AA, and was intended to be a record of […]

  • What Is So Scary About Step Four?

    Step Four is often thought of as the bogeyman and is portrayed as a turning point for people once they have initially got sober. It is sometimes seen as almost a litmus test as to whether people are really willing to begin the process of facing themselves and their demons. In reality, there are really […]


    The 12 steps treatment program of Alcoholics Anonymous has become widely regarded as a yardstick for recovery from alcoholism, whether it be practised within the organisation of Alcoholics Anonymous, or in a rehab or treatment center. The phrase 12 steps has become widely used, and often misinterpreted in terms of what they really mean. This […]


    Alcoholism as an illness is a relatively recent medical understanding, and is linked inexorably to the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous which both began the process of real long-term relief from the illness, and in the process, through its 12-step program, effectively defined alcoholism as an illness pretty much for the first time. There […]

  • REHAB – 12 STEP

    When someone is looking for a rehab that is 12-step orientated, what they are normally looking for is a rehab that bases part of its treatment recovery program on the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Many rehabs that effectively advertise themselves as being 12 step rehabs do not actually follow the 12 step program […]

  • 12 step program

    Many people are familiar with the term 12 step program, but its implications and it applications have risen considerably over the last few years in the context of people using a 12 step program to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. In its most basic sense a 12 step program refers to the program of […]