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  • How to Treat Addiction

    Many people use the word addiction almost quite loosly in a way to refer to people’s liking or obsession for virtually any substance, activity or behaviour. In normal everyday life the term addiction is often used jokingly, saying that someone is addicted to x, y or z, and it’s not really that much of a […]

  • What is a dual diagnosis?

    Dual diagnosis is a term that specifically refers to people who would consider themselves both alcoholics and drug addicts, or people who have had problems with both alcohol and drugs. The term arose mainly in rehabs and treatment centers, and it is important to understand this context. Initially treatment centers and rehabs treated people who […]

  • What is Chemical Dependency ?

    Chemical dependency is a term that has come to be used with reference to almost any type of substance abuse or addiction to alcohol/drugs etc. The original sense of addiction in the context of a 12-step recovery was an addiction to alcohol, normally referred to as alcoholism. As an understanding that alcoholism was an illness […]


    Anyone entering a rehab is likely to be referred to as an addict. This is in one sense a bit of a label, in another sense anyone entering a rehab is looking for help or treatment with one or more  addictions, either to alcohol, drugs, gambling, food or a combination thereof. Inevitably, a rehab  or […]


    ‘When Gov. Dannel P. Malloy last year signed into law a comprehensive bill targeting opioid addiction, many touted it as one of the toughest in the nation, often pointing to the seven-day cap on opioid prescriptions and new prescription monitoring requirements as reasons why. But a lesser known aspect of the law is one that […]


    Whilst many people use the word addiction in a very general sense to cover a lot of normal day life activities, in the context of 12 step recovery it has a very definite and specific place. The 12 step recovery movement began with Alcoholics Anonymous, and over time grew to include huge numbers of people […]

  • Cocaine Addiction

    Anyone who is looking for help for someone with a cocaine addiction, either for themselves or for someone they know is likely to investigate the process of residential treatment in a rehab, given that this is a fairly standard route for drug addiction recovery. People are quite often confused by the process of treatment, and […]


    Anyone entering a rehab is likely to do so because there is a recognition at some level of a problem or addiction with alcohol or drugs or some other type of substance. It is quite possible that this addiction or alcoholism has been recognised by someone other than the person who has got the problem […]

  • Addiction

    The term addiction has become almost synonymous with a rehab, and the sense that if anyone has an addiction to anything they should be put into a rehab and have the addiction dealt with. The whole world of addiction and addiction recovery is quite a complex one, but needs to be addressed quite carefully in […]

  • Rehab Addict

    Rehab addict is a term that can have two very specific but very different meanings. The most normal and traditional meaning is that it is a term that has applied to an individual who enters a rehab because they have an addiction to alcohol or drugs or some other type of compulsive behaviour such as […]