Category: Alcohol Detox

  • What is a Medical Detox?

    The idea of a medical detox can be quite a scary one for anyone who is involved in active alcoholism and is afraid of stopping drinking at all, let alone having to manage the withdrawal effects of alcohol and/or any other drugs that they may be coming off. Anyone stopping drinking who is an alcoholic […]

  • Why detox is important in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers

    Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are normally thought of as clinical facilities where potential clients go to get therapeutic help by way of various addiction treatment programs to help them deal with an addiction to either drugs or alcohol or both. The range of addiction treatment programs offered by drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in […]

  • What is an alcohol detox?

    The term alcohol detox normally refers to the process whereby an alcoholic or someone with a serious drink problem begins a process of stopping or coming off alcohol, either by stopping it completely or by coming off in a graduated tapering off process. An alcohol detox may happen quite naturally with no problems by an […]