Category: Christian Rehab

  • What Is A Christian Rehab ?

    Most rehabs will offer some part of their treatment program or focus on the spiritual aspects of recovery. Some will be more forthcoming than others, emphasising that the spiritual element of a 12 step program is an important one in any recovery. Others will play the spiritual element down a bit, realising that the overall […]

  • What is a Christian Rehab ?

    Anyone looking for a Christian rehab will generally be doing so for one of two reasons. The first reason is that they want a rehab that is purely faith-based or Bible based, the second reason is that they want a more traditional rehab, but one that is focused on spirituality and/or a Christian based approach […]

  • Christian Drug Rehab Programs?

    Anyone looking for a Christian drug rehab program should be aware that the main focus of the rehab or the unit is likely to be on the term Christian rather than a specific drug addiction treatment program. Rehabs that refer to themselves as Christian rehabs are in the main a different type of treatment center […]

  • What are Christian Treatment Centers?

    Anyone looking for Christian treatment centres needs to be aware that there are three potential areas or avenues to look at and check out what particular type of rehab is most appropriate. A number of rehabs or treatment centres defined themselves as being specifically Christian, and these are likely to take an approach to recovery […]

  • What is a Christian Rehab?

    People looking for a Christian rehab normally have a fairly clear idea of what they mean by this term. There are a number of rehabs that call themselves Christian based rehabs and they have a markedly different approach to the majority of other residential clinical rehabs that exist. In this context a Christian rehab will […]

  • What is Christian Alcohol Recovery ?

    Christian alcohol recovery can refer to either a rehab or treatment center that is primarily focused on a Christian approach to therapeutic programs dealing with recovery from alcoholism and other addictions. Christian alcohol recovery can also apply in a more general sense to questions or concerns concerning the more traditional 12-step programme approach of organisations […]