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    ‘When Gov. Dannel P. Malloy last year signed into law a comprehensive bill targeting opioid addiction, many touted it as one of the toughest in the nation, often pointing to the seven-day cap on opioid prescriptions and new prescription monitoring requirements as reasons why. But a lesser known aspect of the law is one that […]

  • What is a Rehab Dual Diagnosis

    Anyone entering a rehab or a treatment center is likely to come across the term dual diagnosis, as well as a lot of other jargon or terms that are fairly unique or specific to the whole world of 12-step recovery. Perhaps the term jargon is a bit unfair, but there are certainly a wide range […]

  • Rehab and Treatment

    There tends to be a belief that anyone who needs a type of treatment for alcoholism or any other type of addiction needs to enter a residential rehab in order to get better and get the help they need to either stop drinking or using the substance that is causing them so much grief. It […]

  • REHAB and 12 STEP WORK

    Anyone who enters a rehab is unlikely to very quickly become familiar with the term 12-step work, and the idea of concept of a 12 step program as practice and experienced by members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other tall step organisations. The phrase 12 step work has a slightly different meaning in organisations such as […]


    Alcohol treatment will be a process designed for anyone who recognises or comes to recognise that they have a problem with alcohol, and are often referred to as alcoholics or people who have alcohol addiction problems. The nature of alcoholism and alcohol addiction can sometimes be endlessly debated, but in reality the basis for acknowledging […]


    Anyone entering a rehab is likely to do so because there is a recognition at some level of a problem or addiction with alcohol or drugs or some other type of substance. It is quite possible that this addiction or alcoholism has been recognised by someone other than the person who has got the problem […]

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment

    Drug and alcohol treatment options are widely available to most people, but they do differ significantly both in terms of type of treatment, whether they are affordable or not, whether they are private or publicly funded, and whether they are voluntary or in some way state regulated. The main type of treatment option that most […]

  • Rehabilitation Center

    A rehabilitation center is a more formal name for someone who is seeking help with some type of addiction, normally, alcohol or drug addiction or an addiction to gambling or similar. A rehabilitation center is quite often referred to as a rehab or as a treatment center. The term rehabilitation is a very old medical […]

  • Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction can be one of the most painful and horrific experiences that any individual and/or their families can go through. There are a number of treatment options available, although the effectiveness and availability can differ hugely depending upon where the individual lives or how willing they are to access treatment. Most people when thinking […]

  • Drug Rehab Centers

    Drug rehab centers are normally simply referred to as rehab is or treatment centres, largely because the rehab will have a number of wide-ranging addiction treatment programs, which are geared to help an individual who has a problem with drugs, alcohol or any other type of substance addiction. A drug rehab center will focus on […]