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    Alcoholics Anonymous  Al-Anon  Coda  Cult Recovery  Depression  Jesuit Spirituality  Narcotics Anonymous Sexual Abuse  12 Step Fellowships   ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Listed below are the main GSO websites for AA in the Major English Speaking Countries. Beneath them are a collection of assorted websites, listed by country, that contain links to groups / individuals connected to english […]

  • What is Emotional Sobriety ?

    Emotional Sobriety is the title of an article written in the journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, known as the AA Grapevine, by one of its co-founders Bill W. In the article, he writes at length about the need to address many of the underlying emotional drives that fuelled his alcoholism, and implied that this was in […]

  • Motivation in Sobriety

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  • How to change attitudes

    Altered Attitudes is one of the many sayings that are used in meetings and in rehabs that is adapted from the letters of Alcoholics Anonymous into another word or phrase. AA meetings and the recovery process generally are full of sayings and phrases that for some people are quite catchy, and for other people can […]

  • Changing the things I can

    Many people will be familiar with the wording of the Serenity Prayer, often heard at meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step fellowships, and often use das almost a type of mantra by many people in recovery. Indeed many people say that the wording of the serenity prayer in effect sums up many of the […]

  • What is Caretaking?

    Asking the question what is care taking could almost be tagged with what is the relevance of caretaking in the context of alcoholism or other addictions. Caretaking can often be seen in the same context as taking care of people, a healthy thing to be aware of someone else’s needs and helping them take care […]

  • How easy is it to Change?

    One might easily ask change what, but anyone who has been to any AA meeting or has been through rehab will be well aware that people talk about change consistently, and present change as being perhaps the most important issue that anyone wanting to recover from alcoholism or any other addiction needs to address. To […]

  • What are Boundaries?

    Boundaries is a word that is often thought of as being used purely in therapy or in various types of psychobabble that many people in rehab and recovery work in 12 step fellowships will ignore or not go near. This is a real shame, as the idea of boundaries and an understanding and implementation of […]

  • The Nature of Blame

    The tendency to blame other people and institutions for whatt has happened to us tends to get a bad press, often being thought of as a bad way to think or a way of thinking that is a process where there is no escape. It is one area of emotional insight work that falls into […]

  • A Sense of Belonging

    Anyone who has ever sat in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is likely to have heard at least one or more individuals say that whilst growing up and as adults they never felt as if they belonged, with a fitted in. They may not enlarge upon this feeling they had, they may not explain what […]