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  • Rehab/Florida – Twelve Step Programs?

    The other thing to consider about a rehab in Florida is what it offers by way of help or clinical programs that are designed to treat the addiction or alcoholism that they identify as being problem. The type and range of programs at a rehab offers us vary considerably. Many are what as known as […]

  • What is a Rehab and how does it work ?

    How a rehab works From the outside, a rehab might look very much like a smart hotel or country club, or a five-star resort. A rehab/treatment center is quite likely to be situated in a very pleasant location, such as in Florida. This is obviously intentional, as a rehab/treatment center is a business and needs […]

  • What Facilities should a Rehab in Florida have ?

    What are rehab facilities ? A rehab/treatment center is most likely to be a residential inpatient facility, although there are rehabs that simply deal with daycare patients. A residential inpatient facility must have a number of specific areas of expertise, both in terms of facilities and staff in order to have a reasonable chance of […]

  • Spirituality in a Rehab in Florida

    Some people might be surprised when considering entering a rehab that there is any talk of spirituality, let alone the significant amount of time devoted to concepts associated with spirituality and religion, God, prayer and meditation – a spiritual life ! In truth, spirituality has been at the heart of recovery from alcoholism since the […]

  • A Rehab in Florida and its approach to Alcoholism.

    What is alcoholism ? The term alcoholism tends to be quite an emotive one for many people, but describes a problem that has been around for a long time, almost as long as humanity itself. People have always had problems with alcohol, and have been variously described as dypsomaniacs, drunks, alcohol abusers and various other […]

  • What is the difference between a rehab in Florida and a treatment center ?

    The term treatment center is often used when talking about alcoholism, rehabs, alcohol rehabs, drug rehabs or substance abuse addiction. A treatment center in Florida is in reality simply another name for a rehab in Florida. A treatment center can vary widely in terms of its facilities, its staff, its clinical programs, its costs and […]

  • What is a Florida rehab ?

    What is a Rehab in Florida ? It is not by chance that Florida has become known as the rehab capital of America. This may not be strictly true in terms of the number of rehabs situated in Florida, but it certainly underlies a lot of people thinking that if one is going to go […]

  • Rehab in Florida – What does it cost ?

    The first, or perhaps second question that most people will ask about a rehab in Florida is, what does it cost ? Going into rehab is notoriously expensive, pretty much like all forms of health insurance related ttreatment. Most rehabs will work with the major insurance companies to enable their plans to cover the cost […]

  • How does a Rehab in Florida regard alcoholism ?

    ​Alcoholism often gets referred to as alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, dipsomania or simply the question of how to stop drinking. Whatever terms people use to describe it, someone entering a rehab in Florida is most likely having a problem with alcohol and needs help to get sober and stay sober. Alcoholism is recognised by most […]

  • Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida Addiction Programs

    An alcohol and drug rehab in Florida will be a clinical setting, where people who are alcoholics and/or have a problem with drugs of some sort can go to seek professional help by way of a range of addiction program treatment facilities, that should be administered by a wide range of clinical experts and a […]