What is Christian Alcohol Recovery ?

Christian alcohol recovery can refer to either a rehab or treatment center that is primarily focused on a Christian approach to therapeutic programs dealing with recovery from alcoholism and other addictions.

Christian alcohol recovery can also apply in a more general sense to questions or concerns concerning the more traditional 12-step programme approach of organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous is very clear that it is not a Christian organisation as such, and is open to anyone irrespective or regardless of belief or lack of belief in any specific creed or deity.

Christian alcohol recovery is often focused on a specific rehab for treatment center that advocates a Christian approach to recovery from alcoholism. The problems that can arise do arise often because the term Christian can mean a lot of different things to different people.

In the context of Christian alcohol recovery, it is probably safe to assume that a rehab or treatment center that promote itself as a Christian rehab or Christian treatment center will use a range of therapeutic approaches and treatment methods. These therapeutic approaches and treatment methods may be similar to ones found in non-Christian rehabs and treatment centres, but they will be approached and addressed within the context of a Christian environment.

Often the advantage of a Christian alcohol recovery focus or program, is that it gives an added sense of safety or security to an alcoholic who is looking for some type of recovery from alcoholism within the context of a Christian environment.

Ideally a Christian rehab or a Christian treatment center will offer a range of what might be called traditional rehab approaches, but with the added benefit of some type of Christian environment that the alcoholic will feel safe in.

If this approach is taken, it is important that the Christian alcohol recovery process is explored thoroughly before admission, so there is no misunderstanding as to actually what is being offered and who is offering it.

The other aspect of Christian alcohol recovery addresses the need of priests or ministers who are alcoholics to be able to seek treatment in a safe and anonymous context.

There are many professions and professionals where admission of a drinking problem or alcoholism would spell ruin publicly, and the ministry of priesthood is probably one of these professions.

To this end there are a number of of specialist personalised rehabs and treatment centers, where the focus will not necessarily be that of a Christian alcohol recovery program, but where the rehab will offer a large degree of privacy and anonymity to the clients who are likely to be a priest or minister or belong to a religious order.