What are Christian Treatment Centers?

Anyone looking for Christian treatment centres needs to be aware that there are three potential areas or avenues to look at and check out what particular type of rehab is most appropriate.

A number of rehabs or treatment centres defined themselves as being specifically Christian, and these are likely to take an approach to recovery from alcoholism and other types of addiction that is specifically Bible based.

This means that these types of rehabs and treatment centres are unlikely to be involved with organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or other 12-step fellowships.

These types of Christian treatment centres employ a very specific focus on the Bible and believe salvation through their approach to christianity as being the only real effective method of recovery from alcoholism and other types of addiction. This type of rehab is likely to appeal to anyone who considers themselves what is effectively a born-again Christian.

These types of Christian treatment centers and rehabs are likely to be heavily subsidised by a church that will be part of the recovery process for the individual, and attached to the rehab. It is likely that the time intended for the individual to spend in such a Christian treatment center will be fairly long-term, but often up to 9 months.

The individual will be expected to be fully committed to the church connected to the rehab, both whilst in treatment and once they have left. Often these types of Christian treatment centres have a fairly cult like environment and should be approached with a great deal of caution. They need to be carefully researched and evaluated prior to admission.

Christian Treatment Centers – Rehabs

The majority of rehabs that have an addiction treatment program that is based around the 12 step model of Alcoholics Anonymous will put a heavy focus on spirituality as part of the recovery programme. Quite what spirituality means to any individual should be a free and open process to evaluate.

A number of rehabs that are step based in the sense that they are modelled on Alcoholics Anonymous will refer to themselves as Christian treatment centres. In truth this is most likely so they can cash in on any individual looking for a Christian treatment center, without it being overtly Christian as described above.

There are some Christian treatment centres that are very genuinely Christian in the sense that they do not try and force an individual into any set of beliefs or dogma, but simply offer either a medical detox or therapeutic programs or both to try and help an individual recover from alcoholism and other addictions. These types of Christian treatment centres or rehabs can be either residential or daycare type programs.