What is the Cost of Drug Rehab Centers ?

Anyone thinking of going into a rehab would be well advised to get a firm understanding of the cost involved, as well as exploring cheap or free alternatives prior to making the decision to enter rehab.

Most rehabs, if not all, deal with alcoholism and/or drug addiction as well as a range of other potential addiction problems.

The majority of rehabs offer a 28/30 day residential inpatient program, which is the standard for that industry, and is what most people think of when they talk about going into rehab.

The cost of this 30 day residential stay can vary quite widely, and most rehabs do not disclose any of this information publicly.

The one exception is Hazelden who give guidance that an average cost of a residential stay in one of their treatment centers is approximately US$30,000 for a 28 day stay.

This figure should only be taken as a guide, and actual figures can vary quite considerably.

At the luxury end of the rehab market, rehabs in Malibu and other exotic locations can cost upwards of US$80,000/US$100,000, per 30 day stay

Rehabs can argue that one of the reasons they do not disclose their costs, is because they negotiate them directly with health insurance companies. Most people who enter rehab as a residential inpatient will probably look to have the cost of their stay covered under a health insurance plan.

Even if this is the case, the client needs to be careful as they can be additional costs incurred for a variety of optional extras that are offered as part of the rehabs treatment programs. These additional costs can often refer to extra medication, alternative therapies and even things like a medical detox.

Any additional costs that are likely to be incurred may not be covered under someone’s insurance plan should be advised prior to admission to the rehab, and agreed accordingly by the individual.

Although most people entering a rehab will do so as a residential client, there are other options. Partial Hospitalisation Treatment (PHT) refers to a daily treatment program, where the individual attends some type of rehab program during the day, and then returns home in the evening.

This is obviously considerably cheaper, as there is no residency involved.

The other option offered by some rehabs is what is known as Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) , where the individual client will work at their normal job during the day, and attend some type of treatment program course in the evenings.

Both these options of PHP and IOP are often offered by rehabs themselves, or sometimes by independent nonprofits or charities as their main focus of work.

It should also be remembered that many people get clean and sober simply by going to meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, which are free and widely available wherever you live.