A detox which is holistic is a very different process from a detox which is a medical detox, and a holistic detox should be examined thoroughly to see if it really is of any value or not.

A detox is normally thought of as a medical process, whereby anyone who has had a problem with alcohol or drugs and is intending to stop drinking or using essentially begins the process of withdrawal, and essentially experiences the effects of withdrawal, hopefully under medical supervision.

The effects of withdrawing from alcohol and/or drugs can be significant, and in some cases life-threatening.

It is always highly advisable to do any type of withdrawal or detox under medical supervision, either residential or some type of  day care.

Anyone entering a rehab or treatment center should be assessed at the outset of their stay, and if necessary a detox should be performed by medically qualified personnel who have experience and understanding of what a medical detox  involves, and can oversee and supervise a detox in a safe and professional manner.

A detox which is termed as holistic is normally a much more straightforward and safe process.

It is worth understanding the thinking behind a holistic detox, which is essentially to cleanse or purge the body and possibly the mind of either,literal. toxins, or unhealthy attitudes and beliefs.


The nature of an holistic detox is normally rooted in various types of  ways of clearing out the body, through a combination of diet, fasting, juices and the joys of practices such as colonic irrigation.

Is quite common in an holistic detox to begin with some type of a fast, possibly combined with juices and prisons and minerals, and a giving up of food and drinks that are deemed to be generally not healthy such as coffee, tea, chocolate etc.

Whilst a holistic detox should generally be quite a safe process, there are real dangers for people who have any type of medical condition, even if medically controlled such as glaucoma, where fasting or going without food or adjusting their liquid intake significantly could present real problems.

If someone is intending to have a holistic detox, it is important to understand a couple of things.

Firstly to find out exactly what is involved in the holistic detox itself over the period that one is going to be present there, and have the regiment assessed by one’s own  physician or doctor to makes sure that it is safe for them as an individual.

Also to find out the qualifications and clinical experience of those who will be administering and supervising the holistic detox, and making sure that such people asked suitably qualified both to administer the program, and deal with any medical emergencies that may result as a consequence of the programme.