Does Bloomberg need a beer policy?

Any attempt by anyone to improve public health is always going to have critics, and always potentially run into problems

Whatever happens eventually to Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to limit the size of soda that Americans can drink, the point made in this article in the New York Daily News has some merit.

Written prior to the introduction of the mayors attempt to limit sugary sodas to 16 ounces, the article makes the point that it would still be possible to buy beer in 24 out containers.

Whilst not wishing to get into a debate as to which is worse view, there is some  value in the realisation that public health needs priorities, and if limiting size of soda is a real priority over limiting size of beer then that is a conscious choice.

The danger is that it is not necessarily a conscious choice but simply a reflection of a view, accurate, about the danger of sugary soda drinks.

The real issue is about education.

Only through a long and sustained period of education will any sense of understanding of what the dangers to an individual’s health are come through.

The only real problem with education is that it is competing  with $1 billion industry that has a huge territory to defend.

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