Drug Addiction – Harm Reduction or Abstinence ?

Interesting article concerning the approach by British Columbia to dealing with its problem of drug addiction.

Basically a contrast between the different merits of various harm reduction techniques employed, against a complete absence of all drugs.

Although this article focuses on the attitude of British Columbia, Canada – it is a debate that is highly applicable to everywhere that is trying to grapple with this problem.

”In other words, why are the taxpayer-funded authorities so focused on harm-reduction methods (including providing free needles, crack kits and hash pipes) that they reject funding for abstinence-based recovery programs, denying addicts a scientifically-supported treatment option?

I’m not the only one asking this. Abbotsford-Mission MLA Randy Hawes, whose son beat his drug habit through an abstinence-based program, says it was one of the issues that frustrated him and other Liberal MLAs who last fall questioned the authorities about it, through the health minister’s office.”

Full Story : The Province