Drug Rehab for Women?

There are specific drug and alcohol rehabs for women, but they are hard to find and may well be out-of-state or car some distance to travel to.

The reason for this is quite a simple one, economics. The majority of rehabs and treatment centers cater to both men and women because it doubles their chance of client intake and thereby enables them to maximise profit.

Having said that there is an awareness of a need for rehabs and treatment centers that are exclusively for women, and an internet search will provide details of some of these.

The overriding need for a drug rehab for women is that it can provide a safe and secure environment where women who feel vulnerable, who may well have been abused as part of the addiction can begin the process of recovery away from their normal environment.

There are also some rehabs who offer what is effective segregation between men and women during their stay in a rehab or treatment center, and this may provide an alternative some people if they are unable to access a drug rehab that is specifically for women in their area.

A drug rehab follows or should follow mainstream addiction treatment programs that are used in all types of rehab treatment centres, the majority of which are based on the 12th model of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

The rehab is likely to promote its programme to deal with people who have addictions to a wide range of drugs such as benzodiazepine, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, demirel, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, methadone, morphine etc . The rehab is also likely to offer addiction treatment programs for people who are addicted to prescription drugs.

Drug Rehab for Women – Detox

A hugely important part of any rehab is that they employ clinical staff who have the skills and experience necessary to assess whether or not a medical detox is needed for the individual upon entry. It is quite likely that anyone who is addicted to drugs may well be addicted to alcohol as well, as well as potentially an addiction to other types of substances.

Whilst that is quite a broad generalisation, it is crucial that the drug rehab has qualified medical personnel who are able to assess whether a medical detox is needed, and if it is to perform and oversee such a medical detox in a safe and controlled manner.

If the drug rehab does not have its own facilities and personnel to oversee a medical detox, then it can have arrangements with a local clinical facility who can do this on their behalf. However this may mean that the rehab does not have proper ongoing clinical facilities that are appropriate for an individual’s stay in rehab, and this should be fully checked and researched prior to entry or admission.