What is a Drug Rehab?

Anyone looking for a drug rehab will almost inevitably find that all rehabs tend to address drugs in the context of a broader range of addictions, that include alcohol, food, gambling, codependency etc. This should not be offputting, as a rehab should assess the individual on their own merits in terms of whatever their addictive problems may be, but will also be open to dealing with other addictions, other than drugs if such work is needed.

It is very common for anyone looking for a drug rehab to have a problem with alcohol as well, whether they consider themselves an alcoholic or not. A rehab will have two primary functions in this regard. Firstly the rehab must be able to assess whether the individual needs to have a clinical detox or not.

This means that the rehab must employ qualified medical clinical staff who are able to assess whether or not such a detox is needed. If it is needed the rehab should either be able to perform the medical detox themselves, or have arrangements with a local clinical facility who can oversee and performed a detox on their behalf.

Once any detox has been overseen and performed if needed, the main work of a drug rehab will be to help the individual begin the process of understanding the nature of their addiction, be it to drugs and/or alcohol or other substances.

The rehab will have a range of addiction treatment programs that should be designed to help the individual get some understanding of the underlying emotional drives that have helped fuelled their drug use or alcoholism.

Drug Rehab – Facilities

When looking to assess the best type of drug rehab center, there are a number of factors that should be considered in terms of facility and addiction treatment programs. The number and level of clinical staff is an important consideration, as this will determine some of the level of effectiveness of the work of the rehab.

A drug rehab should employ a number of clinical staff that should include medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists, a range of different types of therapists, dieticians, nutritionists, social workers and staff such as transitional living workers.

Whilst the therapeutic work of a drug rehab is hugely important, the rehab should also be outward looking in terms of how to help the individual on, once they have left rehab and are looking to establish their lives back in the normal world.

This should be an integral part of the work of the rehab from day one, and staff such as a transitional living worker or a social worker are hugely important in helping the individual face that reality as part of the recovery process whilst in the drug rehab.