What is the most effective Drug Treatment?

Anyone looking for a effective drug treatment is likely to have about three or possibly four different options or routes to go down.

It is also important to add that the term drug treatment can either refer to what are commonly perceived as illegal drugs, to prescription drugs or to both in addition to a serious problem with alcohol or alcoholism.
A lot of people will automatically consider that going into a rehab is the normal or the most common route for people who require effective drug treatment.

This is certainly one option but it is not the only one. The other two most common options will be a 12 step program such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, or possibly a local detox or non-profit day program that may include a drop-in clinic.
The notion of going into a rehab has become in many ways the norm as being the solution for people who need drug treatment. This option is of course confined in a sense to people who have health insurance or can afford significant costs for a 30 day or possibly longer stay in a residential rehab.

Drug Treatment and Rehab

Anyone entering a rehab should be aware of the likely set up an manner in which a rehab works. Deciding which rehab to enter can be a difficult decision, even deciding on the location of a rehab can be a hard choice to make.
There are many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of rehabs to choose from, across the world. One of the reasons that location is an issue for many people is that there is a belief that it is a good idea to remove the individual requiring treatment from the normal environment into one that is a world apart, often quite literally.
The issue of a physical location of a rehab can certainly be an issue, and it also ties in with the idea an understanding that a rehab is a bit of a bubble, in many ways intentionally so.
A rehab is intended to be a clinical setting and environment that is effectively seen as a safe place by someone who has a problem requiring drug treatment can go and get clean and sober and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Any option for drug treatment involving a rehab should ensure that the rehab has highly skilled clinical staff who can assess the need for a detox upon entry to the rehab, and can oversee the undertaking of a medical detox if needed.