Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

An inpatient alcohol rehab normally refers to a rehab or a treatment center where someone is admitted for a period of time to undertake a rehabilitation programme from the effects of alcoholism, that may include a detox or treatment for alcohol withdrawal and or drug withdrawal if necessary.

An inpatient alcohol rehab will normally admit someone for a fixed period of time, normally thought of as 28 days, which is the standard timespan for most rehab is or treatment centres.

It is worth pointing out that this length of time is quite often conditional upon insurance companies agreeing that the client needs this time length, a process insurance companies will quite often review several times during the 28 days, and curtail treatment if they don’t consider it necessary.

Some inpatient alcohol rehab’s or treatment centres offer longer term addiction treatment programs and are often referred to as primary or secondary rehabs, or sometimes as sober living homes or long-term care facilities.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Some so-called Christian rehabs offer much longer periods of time in an inpatient alcohol rehab, sometimes offering periods of time at two years.

These rehabs are such that they are often very closely linked or integrated to large evangelical churches, and use the time spent in rehab as a recruiting ground for the church, rather than for the benefit of the individual, although the church will see both as interlinked.

These inpatient alcohol rehabs that are run by evangelical churches offer what they refer to as a faith-based recovery, which focuses much more on things such as Bible classes, communal prayer groups etc.

There is quite often a cult like dynamic at work within these organisations and for someone needing recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction in an inpatient alcohol rehab, any organisation that offers long-term support should be examined closely.

Most people who talk about a rehab or a treatment center will normally be thinking of or referring to an inpatient alcohol rehab is talked about above.

There are also other options that are likely to be available depending upon where you live and what local state or voluntary organisations offer such services.

There are likely to be services that purely offer detox facilities, others that offer what are known as partial hospital treatments and those that offer day treatments.

Some of these will offer help during the day so the client can continue to live at home and attend rehab during daytime only.

Others will offer evening groups and help and support which will allow a client to both live at home and carry on working utilising any help available in the evening.