What is a Malibu Rehab?

A Malibu rehab normally refers to some type of alcohol and/or drug rehab that is located in or near Malibu, California. The location of a rehab can be a significant part of the recovery process, and Malibu, for a number of reasons has a huge amount to offer in this respect.

For this reason that are a significant number of rehabs situated in and around Malibu that can be researched with a view to entering an addiction treatment program.

A Malibu rehab will be a clinical facility, a term normally applied to hospitals and similar settings. The rehab will employ, or should employ, a significant number of trained clinical and administrative staff who will oversee the addiction treatment program for the client once they are admitted as an inpatient.

The team of clinical staff should include medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, dieticians and nutritionists, social workers etc.

A Malibu rehab is also likely to offer a number of alternative therapeutic approaches dependent on its physical location. Often these therapeutic approaches can include yoga, tai chi, music and art therapy, bodywork therapy, Mountain or trail hiking therapies etc.

The main approach that a Malibu rehab is likely to take, by way of its addiction treatment program, will normally be based on the principles that are used by Alcoholics Anonymous, and the 12 step program that this fellowship has pioneered.

A Malibu rehab is likely to encourage residential clients to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous whilst in treatmentt. A Malibu rehab may even make it a condition of treatment that clients attend a specific number of meetings every week, either on-site or in the local community.

Malibu Rehab – Programs

A Malibu rehab should have a number of complimentary addiction treatment programs available as part of its residential in-house approach to recovery from alcoholism. Whilst it is difficult to generalise about the nature of therapy, whilst in a rehab therapy normally takes several different approaches.

There is often quite intense one-to-one therapy with a client. This can be effective in the short term, given that the normal length of stay in a Malibu rehab is approximately one month.

Obviously longer-term therapy might be needed once a client has left rehab, and this would need to be assessed on an individual basis.

A Malibu rehab is likely to have either daily regular group therapy sessions with all residential clients attending.

The nature of group therapy can vary widely, but in the context of a rehab, the group therapy is likely to be seen as an opportunity for clients to begin the process of talking about their problems in a safe and secure environment.

The cost of a Malibu rehab will be geared towards coverage by insurance. The rehab should have a dedicated team of personnel who can help advise you on whether your insurance plan covers you or not.

Assuming that you have an insurance plan does cover you, make sure that the Malibu rehab is clear at the outset of any additional costs that may not be covered by your insurance, and that these are agreed at the outset of your entry to the rehab.

A Malibu rehab should have access to detox facilities and personnel, if needed. The rehab may be able to provide these themselves, if not they should have arrangements with a local facility such as a hospital which can provide detox if needed.