Quality of life

Hugely important piece of research by Professor Ann Bowling into the measurement of disease specific quality of life scales

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‘The aim of this volume is to introduce the key literature on the psychometric properties of measures of disease-specific quality of life, including the symptom scales often used alongside them. In addition to updating the reviews published in the first edition of this book, the opportunity has also been taken to include additional scales. These include the Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire; the Heart Failure Questionnaire; the Seattle Angina Questionnaire; the Camberwell Assessment of Need, Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire; the Quality of Life in DepressionScale; the London Handicap Scale; the Breathing Problems Questionnaire; the Medical OutcomesStudy HIV Health Survey; the McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire; the McGill Nausea Questionnaire; the Support Team Assessment Schedule; and the Kidney Disease Quality of Life Questionnaire.Individualized measures are also included. For example, the Schedule for the Evaluation of Individual Quality of Life and the Patient Generated Index. The final chapter on measurement issuesin the first edition of Measuring Disease has been removed from this edition, as these are coveredmore fully in the author’s Research Methods in Health (Open University Press 1997). ‘

Refernce :

Bowling, A. (1997). Research Methods in Health. (pp. 241–270). Buckingham: Open University  Press.

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