Does a rehab center in Florida treat alcoholism ?

A rehab center in Florida will promote itself as offering a range of clinical programmes and treatment methods to treat people who are alcoholics and/or drug addicts as well as a range of other addictions.

However alcoholism is the primary focus for most rehab centres and treatment centres, and their clinical programs and other alternative therapies should be focused in this area.

The idea of alcoholism being an illness is a relatively modern medical concept. Most rehab centres in Florida will accept and promote this idea, that being an alcoholic is a person who is suffering from an illness, alcoholism.

There may be some rehab centres who do not see alcoholism is an illness but more of a life skills issue, but they were very much be in the minority.

A rehab center will most likely have close links with the 12 step fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Rehabs and treatment centres have traditionally borrowed many of the principles that are essentially therapeutic nature from Alcoholics Anonymous and adapted them to their own clinical treatment programs.

In addition most rehab centres in Florida will encourage or possibly insist that residential clients attend a certain number of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings whilst in rehab. A rehab center in Florida is also likely to encourage clients to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as a way of life following discharge from the rehab center.

Rehab Center – Alcoholism

although it is widely accepted that alcoholism is an illness, there is still much debate about what that really means. In practice this means there is continuing ongoing medical research into the scientific approaches to treatment and recovery from alcoholism. This thinking is likely to form a part of a rehab centres approach.

A rehab center will primarily focus on helping someone who is an alcoholic begin the process of breaking down the denial that they have a problem as being their main task. An alcoholic entering a rehab center will not want to be there.

An alcoholic is likely to be in a rehab center for a number of reasons, ranging from internal pressure to family pressure to pressure from an employer.

Often the most important thing a rehab center can do is to provide a safe and secure environment both physically and emotionally for an alcoholic to feel safe enough to begin the process of releasing some of the coping or defence mechanisms they have in place.

This can obviously take a considerable amount of time, and a person’s stay in a rehab center is virtually always the beginning of the process. A rehab center needs to be a mum threatening non-bullying place, whilst at the same time helping the alcoholic to open their eyes to their own reality in such a way as they do not feel threatened by it.