What does a rehab center in Florida cost ?

If you look at the websites for most of the rehab centres in Florida, one fact will be noticeably absent, which is how much they cost.

Depending on your level of cynicism, many people assume that the reason for this is because of the high cost or expense of nature of what a rehab center in Florida costs. A rehab center would probably argue that there costings and level of prices can vary quite widely and so it is not appropriate to state specific figures.

There may be some truth to that approach.

There is a difficulty in generalising about how much a rehab center in Florida will cost, partly because the nature of a rehab center in Florida and that its programs can vary quite widely. The first thing to determine is whether the rehab center is going to offer inpatient or outpatient clinical facilities.

Most rehab centres in Florida are essentially designated as residential inpatient facilities. Some will also have outpatient or daycare facilities, as well as possibly some type of outreach approach.

Some rehab centres will also have their own detox facilities, whilst other rehab centres will have arrangements with local hospitals or other clinical facilities to do the detox on their behalf.

Rehab Center – Costing Breakdown

The other important factor when assessing the cost of a residential stay in a rehab center in Florida is how long the client is likely to stay in rehab. There is a general assumption that someone will spend approximately 28 days or about a month in rehab, and this is probably quite a good starting point.

Inevitably some people will stay for a shorter period of time, whilst others will require longer periods, either in primary treatment of some form of follow-on or secondary treatment.

Most costs of a rehab should be covered under a person’s health insurance medical plan. If a potential client has their own insurance plan or covered by that of their partner, it is important to check the entry to a rehab for alcoholism or other addictions is covered.

It is equally important to talk this through with the rehab that you are intending to enter to make sure that they are signed up to their costs being covered by insurance.

Given the nature of how a rehab Centre in Florida can have different variety of programs and a different level of approach, it is important to make sure that there are no add-on extras which appear at the end of stay in rehab.

A client or anyone applying for admission to a rehab center in Florida should make sure that the rehab is upfront about any additional costs covered by insurance, and that these costs are notified at the beginning of the stay or prior to entry.

The one website that does give some levels of costing is that of Hazelden. They quote a figure of approximately $30,000 for a 28 day stay in a rehab as big an approximate figure to rely on in terms of costing. Any figure is likely to be variable, and should only be taken as a guide. There are reports of certain luxury rehab centres in Florida charging up $120,000 for a four-week stay, so truth is, take your pick.