Does a rehab center in Florida perform detox ?

Traditionally, the notion of a detox was one of medically supervising a person who was coming off alcohol in such a way as to safely manage any side-effects that might be displayed as part of the process.

A rehab center will primarily focus on a wide range of therapeutic treatment programs over a period of time, but needs to be able to deal with the issue detox if it is appropriate.

This may mean that a rehab center in Florida can perform or oversee if needed on site,or have safe medical arrangements with a local clinical facility such as a hospital nearby which can supervise a detox if needed.

A rehab center will focus its treatment on alcoholics, and also on people who have addictions to a wide range of drugs and other substances. This is sometimes referred to as substance abuse addiction, or dual diagnosis.

These terms are important, but what is more important is that any rehab center has qualified medical personnel who can identify the substantive issues grant being addicted to any substance.

These of five medical personnel must be able to assess if a detox is needed, and if so to take appropriate action. The process of withdrawing from any type of drug, alcohol or other substance can potentially be extremely dangerous and needs to be managed very carefully within the context of a rehab center. This

Rehab Center – Holistic Detox

In terms of a rehab center, the term detox should apply to a medically supervised coming off or tapering off alcohol and/or drugs or other substances. When considering applying for admission to a rehab, it is important to assess the staffing of the rehab.

The term detox has also come to have a more general meaning in society, often applied to some type of nutritional dietary cleansing of the body. The most extreme if not unpleasant connotation of this term is that of colonic irrigation.

This can be done by looking at their website where they will show which clinical experts they have on their staff. Such clinical experts should be medical doctors, nurses as well as psychiatrists and therapists.

A rehab center may offer some type of holistic detox as well by way of nutritional dietary cleansing of the body. This approach should be taken with some caution however as it may sound quite appealing but actually may not be that relevant.

What is certainly relevant is that anyone who is an alcoholic has probably been very poor in looking after themselves from a dietary point of view, as well as from a hygiene point of view.

To this end an alcoholic who is in a rehab center, will need a fair degree of practical help and advice about rebuilding their life, both internally and externally, and the need to eat well and drink plenty of appropriate liquids (non-alcoholic).