What does Rehab cost?

Anyone browsing the websites of virtually any rehab will be struck by one particular fact, that virtually none of them give any indication of how much they cost.

The one notable exception is the corporate website of Hazelden, who are one of the major treatment providers. They give a very general indication that a 30 day stay in one of their rehabs is likely to cost somewhere in the region of US dollars 25,000 – US dollars 30,000.

This is probably a very conservative estimate, and the cost of any rehab for a 30 day period is likely to be significantly more.

There are some rehabs, which call themselves Christian rehabs, who offer what seems to be a much cheaper alternative. The cost is often minimal and there is the promise of a long-term route to recovery, mainly in the region of 6 to 9 months.

These rehabs are normally very closely associated with some extremely large churches, and whilst some may have good motives, there is normally a sense that the rehab is used as a recruiting ground for people who are vulnerable into the wider domain of the church itself.

Whilst these churches may not literally be cults, that is likely to be a cult-ish element to some of the approachs that some of these churches offer and as such should be treated with caution.

At the other extreme, are what are known as luxury rehabs. There is a belief that they are all located in Malibu, but they are to be found dotted throughout the United States and other countries. A luxury rehab can cost anything up to US dollars 125,000 – 150,000 for a 30 day stay.

Cost of Rehab

As with a normal rehab, if there is such a thing, the cost can escalate with additional expenses for items or services that are not considered part of the standard package.

The majority of rehabs cost their services against provisions that are available under an individual’s insurance plan. The rehab should have an efficient admissions unit who are well versed with how insurance companies approach an individual or their family going to rehab and provisions that do and do not apply under the insurance plan.

If an individual is looking around for a rehab, it is a good idea to talk to the admissions unit first as they can advise whether or not an individual’s insurance plan is appropriate for their rehab or not.

If an individual does not have health insurance, then it is highly recommended that they seek other alternatives first, the most obvious is going directly to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Many millions of people literally have done this and have got sober and clean without the need for going into rehab, and this option should be seriously considered.