What Are Rehab Facilities ?

A rehab is a clinical setting or facility which offers a range of treatment methods for people who are alcoholics or addicted to other substances. Rehab facilities cover a range of physical and therapeutic approaches that constitutes the total environment that a rehab operates in.

Rehab facilities tend to cover the following areas – staff, location, insurance, admissions, detox and outreach or outpatient facilities.

Rehab facilities in terms of staffing cover primarily a range of clinical experts, administrative staff and often a number of members of Alcoholics Anonymous who will work either as staff members or as unpaid volunteers in the rehab.

Rehab facilities in terms of location tend to refer to the physical location of the rehab and buildings that the rehab occupies. A rehab in Florida for example, will be designed to be set in a serene and tranquil environment that treats alcoholics with dignity and respect.

The buildings of the rehab of accommodation and other types of facilities relevant to the various therapeutic programs that we have offers.

An important part of rehab facilities relates to the health insurance or cost of the rehab treatment programs. Most rehabs gear their costing to be covered by various insurance plans.

It is important therefore that prior to entry you work closely with the admin staff applied by the rehab to make sure that the costs of treatment are covered under any insurance plan that you have access to.

A rehab should employ a dedicated team of staff who are specialists in this area and should help to make the admissions process much easier.

Rehab facilities – Admissions

The admissions process of many rehabs can seem quite complicated. The first part of the process refers to making sure that the costings covered by an insurance plan, or if not that funds are in place and agreed prior to admission.

Once an admission has been agreed a rehab will have a fairly strict set of rules about what people may or may not bring into the rehab, such as clothing, laptops, cell phones etc.

The website of the rehab should set out in detail its admissions policy and rules. These rehab facility rules may seem overly stringent or controlling. It is important to understand the rationale behind many of these rules in the first place, and the rehab should be able to accommodate any questions or concerns that you may have prior to admission.

Rehab facilities may also include some type of outreach or outpatient program.

This may be by way of a day programme that can either be an alternative to a residential program, or some type of follow-on treatment for clients who have been resident in a rehab already.

A rehab is likely to have some type of follow-on care by way of an alumni program, and possibly some type of transitional living arrangements or program that can help clients who have been resident in rehab make the transition back to a more normal way of life.