What is the relationship between a Rehab in Florida and AA?

Someone considering entering a rehab in Florida might well have heard of Alcoholics Anonymous, or might even have been to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the past.

There is likely to be a degree of confusion as to the relationship between a rehab or treatment center and that of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This is partly inevitable, given that the nature of rehabs and treatment centres grew out of the early work and the recovery movement that Alcoholics Anonymous engineered.

Alcoholics Anonymous has been very clear and consistently warns that it is not affiliated to any outside organisation, such as a rehab or treatment center or hospital or any type of clinical facility. It is a completely independent, autonomous organisation.

A rehab in Florida is likely to have some type of relationship with groups or meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition it is quite likely that the rehab will base some of their treatment methods and programs on the first five steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Whilst the work undertaken in a rehab is normally different to that undertaken in Alcoholics Anonymous itself, there will be a number of similarities.

A rehab in Florida is also likely to encourage clients to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, both whilst in rehab, and once they have left as part of their after-care or ongoing transitional living approach.

Such meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous will likely be in the local area or community where the rehab is based. It is also possible that meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous will take place in the actual rehab in Florida itself. If this is the case, then it needs to be understood that the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous are not part of the rehab itself.

They are independent and will pay rent to the rehab for use of their premises.

Rehab in Florida – AA meetings

To some people this may seem a slightly irrelevant issue. In fact it is very important. The independence of Alcoholics Anonymous is a huge part of its viability and ongoing stability, and it’s very nature is rooted in it being an independent autonomous organisation.

Having said that, a significant number of rehabs in Florida have adapted the experience of Alcoholics Anonymous and use it as part of their own clinical program or treatment method in dealing with alcoholism and other types of addiction.

It is likely that a client entering a rehab in Florida will have little interest in such a subtle distinction. The important nature of the distinction is likely to become evident if the client gets sober, stays sober and uses Alcoholics Anonymous as part of their journey in recovery.

It will then become clearer why this is an important issue, and the necessity for maintaining the independence and integrity of Alcoholics Anonymous.