Spirituality and Depression

Relationship Between Spirituality and Depressive Symptoms Among Inpatient Individuals Who Abuse Substances

Naelys Diaz

  1.  1. E. Gail Horton
  2.  2. Diane Green1
  3.  3. John McIlveen
  4.  4. Michael Weiner
  5.  5. Donald Mullaney

This study aims to examine the relationship between spirituality and believing in God’s presence and depressive symptoms among 160 inpatient individuals who abuse substances. Findings indicated that both spirituality and believing in God’s presence were significant predictors of depressive symptoms, whereby spirituality was inversely related to depressive symptoms and believing in God’s presence was positively related to depressive symptoms. These findings may have implications for mental health practitioners considering implementation of spiritually based interventions that can develop and strengthen clients’ spirituality.


Counseling and Values

Volume 56,Issue 1-2,pages 43–56,October 2011

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