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  • The Serenity Prayer

    Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step organizations use several different readings and sayings that help members. Some of these sayings are best known at meetings, others in the literature. Perhaps the best-known of these is a prayer, commonly referred to as the serenity prayer. It may be one of the first things someone learns in […]


    ‘A recovery home in Marquette is committed to give women suffering from drug addiction a safe place to stay. Within the past two years, Sue B’s House has officially become a successful program in helping women help themselves. “Do you know in a phoenix and mythology, how they burn and then rise from their ashes? […]

  • REHAB – 12 STEP

    When someone is looking for a rehab that is 12-step orientated, what they are normally looking for is a rehab that bases part of its treatment recovery program on the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Many rehabs that effectively advertise themselves as being 12 step rehabs do not actually follow the 12 step program […]

  • 12 step program

    Many people are familiar with the term 12 step program, but its implications and it applications have risen considerably over the last few years in the context of people using a 12 step program to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. In its most basic sense a 12 step program refers to the program of […]

  • Rehab/Florida – Twelve Step Programs?

    The other thing to consider about a rehab in Florida is what it offers by way of help or clinical programs that are designed to treat the addiction or alcoholism that they identify as being problem. The type and range of programs at a rehab offers us vary considerably. Many are what as known as […]