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  • Christian Drug Rehab Programs?

    Anyone looking for a Christian drug rehab program should be aware that the main focus of the rehab or the unit is likely to be on the term Christian rather than a specific drug addiction treatment program. Rehabs that refer to themselves as Christian rehabs are in the main a different type of treatment center […]

  • What are Addiction Treatment Programs?

    Addiction treatment programs tend to refer to the various types of what are effectively therapeutic programs that a rehab or a treatment center will use as their basis for helping an individual recover from alcoholism and other types of substance abuse addiction or various types of behavioural addiction. There are literally hundreds of thousands of […]

  • What is Addiction Recovery?

    Addiction recovery is a term that normally refers to the type of addiction treatment programs offered in a rehab a treatment center that are designed to help people who are either alcoholics or have an addiction to various types of drugs or other substances. Addiction recovery can also refer to people who use 12-step organisations […]

  • What is the best Alcohol Treatment ?

    Any individual who has a problem with alcohol or is an alcoholic who is seeking treatment for an alcohol addiction or alcoholism, is faced with a number of different options, and they can often be a degree of confusion as to which is the best approach to take. Historically the most effective form of alcohol […]

  • What is addiction treatment?

    Addiction treatment normally refers to the variety of addiction treatment programs that are available and used in a rehab or a treatment center to help individuals who are alcoholics or maybe addicted to drugs or other substances. Over time the term addiction treatment has also been used and has come to be viewed as a […]

  • What is an alcohol addiction?

    To many people an alcohol addiction is fairly obvious in terms of its practicalities and the impact or effect that such an addiction has on the people close by to the person who is addicted. An alcohol addiction is normally referred to as alcoholism, but there is possibly a distinction between someone who is heavily […]

  • Rehab Programs

    A rehab has traditionally focused on recovery from alcoholism/alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Although alcoholism/alcohol abuse has been around for a long time in human history, it is only fairly recently, in the 1930s, that there has begun to be an acceptance of alcoholism/alcohol abuse as an illness. When rehabs began to treat people for […]

  • Rehab Facilities

    Many people view a rehab/treatment center as somewhat of a glorified hotel or five-star resort. This is in part because a rehab/treatment center will most likely be situated in beautiful surroundings, quite often in Florida, with extensive grounds and impressive buildings. A rehab is first and foremost a business, and at some level needs to […]