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  • What is Treatment?

    When people talk about treatment, they are invariably referring to a treatment center, most commonly known as a rehab, where people can go to get help if they have a problem with alcoholism or addiction to other substances or behaviours. Having said that, the term treatment can cover a wide range of options that can […]

  • What are Addiction Treatment Programs?

    Addiction treatment programs tend to refer to the various types of what are effectively therapeutic programs that a rehab or a treatment center will use as their basis for helping an individual recover from alcoholism and other types of substance abuse addiction or various types of behavioural addiction. There are literally hundreds of thousands of […]

  • What is an Alcohol Addiction?

    An alcohol addiction is virtually always referred to as alcoholism, although sometimes other terminology is used such as alcohol dependence or the term alcohol addiction itself. In truth the terminology used to define an alcohol addiction is secondary to the reality of what such an addiction does to the individual, their families and the surrounding […]

  • What are alcohol addiction programs ?

    Alcohol addiction programs normally refer to a wide range of therapeutic and clinical programs used by a rehab or a treatment center to address a persons alcoholism or help someone deal with an addiction to alcohol. Alcohol addiction programs as such, are normally residential in a rehab or a treatment center, but there are also […]