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  • Rehabilitation Center

    A rehabilitation center is a more formal name for someone who is seeking help with some type of addiction, normally, alcohol or drug addiction or an addiction to gambling or similar. A rehabilitation center is quite often referred to as a rehab or as a treatment center. The term rehabilitation is a very old medical […]

  • What is a Florida rehab ?

    What is a Rehab in Florida ? It is not by chance that Florida has become known as the rehab capital of America. This may not be strictly true in terms of the number of rehabs situated in Florida, but it certainly underlies a lot of people thinking that if one is going to go […]

  • Rehab in Florida – What does it cost ?

    The first, or perhaps second question that most people will ask about a rehab in Florida is, what does it cost ? Going into rehab is notoriously expensive, pretty much like all forms of health insurance related ttreatment. Most rehabs will work with the major insurance companies to enable their plans to cover the cost […]

  • How does a Rehab in Florida regard alcoholism ?

    ​Alcoholism often gets referred to as alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, dipsomania or simply the question of how to stop drinking. Whatever terms people use to describe it, someone entering a rehab in Florida is most likely having a problem with alcohol and needs help to get sober and stay sober. Alcoholism is recognised by most […]

  • What is alcoholism ?

    The term alcoholism has been around for a long time and in many ways is less important than the behaviour and the actions and the devastation that it describes. In modern day language, people talk about a wide range of related associations such as alcohol abuse, substance abuse, alcohol addiction etc. Alcoholism is widely accepted […]

  • What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

    The official wording of the introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous that is read out at AA meetings, which is known as the AA preamble, gives a clear if slightly awkward message, that Alcoholics Anonymous is a completely independent organisation, that has no affiliation with any outside body or enterprise, is completely free to all its membersand, […]

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab center facilities

    The term or word facilities is normally thought of in quite a practical way, whereas in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center it refers to a wide range of differing theoretical and practical approaches to helping an alcoholic gets sober and stay sober. The facilities that a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center need to possess […]

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

    Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are much more commonly thought of or referred to as a rehab or a treatment center, even if people don’t readily understand these terms are or what they mean. Most people have differing views of what a rehab is, ranging from a celebrity rehab to a fairly grim notion of […]

  • Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida Addiction Programs

    An alcohol and drug rehab in Florida will be a clinical setting, where people who are alcoholics and/or have a problem with drugs of some sort can go to seek professional help by way of a range of addiction program treatment facilities, that should be administered by a wide range of clinical experts and a […]

  • Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida

    Most, if not the majority of rehabs in Florida will promote themselves as drug and alcohol rehabs, or alcohol and drug rehabs in Florida. There is a specific reason for this that needs to be understood, although it can sometimes be confusing for most people. The understanding of an alcoholics mindset that they need to […]