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  • Signs of Alcoholism Treatment

    When people talk about signs of alcoholism, there is quite often a sense of a hidden agenda, which is sometimes unfair but which often pervades a fear that other people may have about someone else’s drinking or their behaviour associated with drinking. Whilst many people still debate the nature of alcoholism, there is a widespread […]

  • How to tell if you’re an Alcoholic ………..

    ‘As a substance abuse counselor, I was asked many times by clients, “Am I an alcoholic?” My response was simple: “Do you think ‘normal’ drinkers ask that question?” Only alcoholics understand what ‘normal’ drinkers are. They’re the ones that walk into a bar, order a drink and leave an hour later with half the drink […]

  • Different types of Alcohol Rehab

    ‘If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol addiction, the first step is admitting the need for help and evaluating the different types of rehab options. It may seem like a small step, but it is essential to learn more about alcohol rehabilitation options. One of the biggest questions is what kind […]

  • Addiction Recovery AA Meetings

    Addiction recovery is very generally taken to mean that it is referring to the 12 step recovery process originally pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, and then adapted by other organisations to deal with specific problems not related to alcohol, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous. The notion of addiction has widened considerably over the last […]


    An alcohol rehab, which can also be referred to as a treatment center, is possibly thought of as a more traditional type of rehab, as when rehabs and treatment centers began to emerge as a way of treating alcoholics, they tended to deal with  alcohol only, and as such are often referred to as alcohol […]


    There are innumerable books that are either literally titled quit drinking, or how to quit drinking, or what happened when I quit drinking etc. As with many books, the title itself is effectively the selling point, and the content of the book or sometimes magazine article is quite often a fairly woolly or vague approach […]


    When people talk about sober living, they are invariably talking about people who have been alcoholics or sometimes drug addicts or possibly both who have got clean and sober, and are trying to rebuild their lives both internally and externally. Living sober is a title of one of the books published by Alcoholics Anonymous that […]

  • Addiction Specialist honoured

    ‘Her story of living for more than 20 years as an alcoholic is her greatest asset, she said, and uses her experience to help others who are struggling the way she did. When the Independence Honours were announced last year, Bradshaw was one of the recipients of the Barbados Service Medal for her work in […]

  • Anti-inflammatory drug may help treat alcoholism

    UCLA study is the first to evaluate the drug, ibudilast, as a treatment for alcoholism. Study participants were given either the drug (20 milligrams for two days and 50 milligrams for the next four) or a placebo for six consecutive days. After about a two-week break, those who took the drug were switched to a […]


    Alcoholism and addiction often lumped together as being the same thing, with alcoholism simply being an addiction to alcohol. Anyone trying to understand the nature of alcoholism for several reason, will quickly understand that whilst an addiction to alcohol is certainly part of the nature of alcoholism, the term itself encompasses an illness that is […]