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  • What is depression?

    Depression is one of those words that is widely used in a rehab/treatment center and in meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step fellowships. In many ways the word depression can mean anything that anyone want to mean, although it doesn’t have a very clear clinical and medical meaning. A rehab may have, in fact […]

  • Spirituality and Depression

    Relationship Between Spirituality and Depressive Symptoms Among Inpatient Individuals Who Abuse Substances Naelys Diaz  1. E. Gail Horton  2. Diane Green1  3. John McIlveen  4. Michael Weiner  5. Donald Mullaney This study aims to examine the relationship between spirituality and believing in God’s presence and depressive symptoms among 160 inpatient individuals who abuse substances. Findings […]