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  • How to Manage Withdrawal from Alcohol

    Anyone getting sober is likely to have to do with the issue of withdrawals from alcohol, whether or not a detox is necessary, and possibly the effects of withdrawal from  narcotics as well. If someone has been drinking heavily for a while, or to a point where it has become a problem for them, then […]

  • Substance Abuse Detox

    A substance abuse detox assessment is a crucial and necessary part of any addiction treatment program that is offered by a residential or day care type rehab or treatment center. The facilities and personnel to oversee such an assessment should be a vital part of any research that is done prior to treatment being sought. […]

  • Alcoholism Detox

    An alcoholism detox is  possibly going to be needed in the event of anyone who is an active alcoholic, or even someone who has been drinking heavily for a long period of time but would  not technically be considered an alcoholic. Sometimes there is much debate between what is alcoholism and heavy drinking, but in […]


    A detox which is holistic is a very different process from a detox which is a medical detox, and a holistic detox should be examined thoroughly to see if it really is of any value or not. A detox is normally thought of as a medical process, whereby anyone who has had a problem with […]

  • Detox Medical and Holistic

    Understanding the importance of a detox in the context of someone who is looking for recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction is hugely important, and should be a major factor when deciding what type of rehab or recovery facilities an individual may seek to get help from. One of the most important distinctions to understand […]

  • What is a Medical Detox?

    The idea of a medical detox can be quite a scary one for anyone who is involved in active alcoholism and is afraid of stopping drinking at all, let alone having to manage the withdrawal effects of alcohol and/or any other drugs that they may be coming off. Anyone stopping drinking who is an alcoholic […]

  • What are Drug Detox Programs ?

    Understanding drug detox programs and what is involved and where they are available is a hugely important process for both the individual concerned who is addicted to a type of drugs, and for those around an individual who are trying to help them. A number of drug detox programs will take place in the context […]

  • Does a Rehab do detox?

    Anyone entering a rehab who has had a problem with alcohol and/or drugs is at risk from withdrawal symptoms that could be extremely serious medically, potentially life-threatening. For this reason it is absolutely crucial that a rehab has qualified medical staff who are able to assess and monitor the withdrawal symptoms of the individual concerned […]

  • How Addiction can affect a Florida Alcohol Detox

    If someone is seeking help for a problem with drink that can commonly be referred to as alcoholism or some type of alcohol addiction, then entry to a Florida rehab is one route or option that many people might consider. One of the important factors to take into account when considering what type of Florida […]

  • What is a Florida Alcohol Detox ?

    A Florida alcohol detox normally refers to a process that happens to someone who is an alcoholic or heavily addicted to alcohol and seeks admission to a rehab or treatment center and is seeking help. Whilst not everyone needs a detox, it is important that any rehab treatment center in Florida is able to oversee […]