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  • Alcohol and Drugs Rehab Drugs List

    Most rehabs will offer to treat addiction to alcohol and a wide range of drugs, as well as possibly other addictions. The website of the rehab should list the names of the drugs that it offers treatment for the addiction to. It is likely that the recovery process in the rehab will focus on the […]

  • What is a Drug Rehab ?

    A drug rehab will have treatment programs that should offer help and support if you or someone you know has a dug problem or addiction. Learn more here about the different types of help available. Often people looking for a drug rehab will be slightly confused by the terminology and language of a rehab or […]

  • Its all about Recovery …………

    Drug addiction is a complex brain disease. It is characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences. Drug seeking becomes compulsive, in large part as a result of the effects of prolonged drug use on brain functioning and, thus, on behavior. For […]

  • Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction can be one of the most painful and horrific experiences that any individual and/or their families can go through. There are a number of treatment options available, although the effectiveness and availability can differ hugely depending upon where the individual lives or how willing they are to access treatment. Most people when thinking […]

  • What is an Holistic Drug Rehab ?

    Any rehab that offers treatment for anyone addicted to any type of drug, should in effect be an holistic rehab whether they call themselves that will not. It is an unfortunate fact that many people including rehabs use the word holistic because it appeals vert much to people’s sense of their own self-worth, and appeals […]

  • Hazelden introduces maintenance programme

    For the first time, Hazelden will begin providing medication-assisted treatment for people hooked on heroin or opioid painkillers, starting at its Center City, Minnesota facility and expanding across its treatment network in five states in 2012 This so-called maintenance therapy differs from simply detoxifying addicts until they are completely abstinent. Instead, it acknowledges that continued […]

  • Does Bloomberg need a beer policy?

    Any attempt by anyone to improve public health is always going to have critics, and always potentially run into problems Whatever happens eventually to Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to limit the size of soda that Americans can drink, the point made in this article in the New York Daily News has some merit. Written prior to […]

  • Targeting young addicts

    Article about how authorities in southern California are aiming to crack down on heroin addiction amongst young addicts ‘A heroin addict for years, Taylor Beatty is 22 years old, has been sober for a month, and says she faces a daily struggle against the drug that is addicting an increasing number of young people. “I […]

  • Science of addiction

    Can’t vouch for the scientific accuracy of this, but a very well thought out and presented article on the science of addiction, showing in very simplistic terms and diagrams some of the main beliefs about addiction and how it works in the human brain. Dr Urban D’Souza, School of Medicine, University Malaysia Sabah “You are […]

  • Drug Addiction – Harm Reduction or Abstinence ?

    Interesting article concerning the approach by British Columbia to dealing with its problem of drug addiction. Basically a contrast between the different merits of various harm reduction techniques employed, against a complete absence of all drugs. Although this article focuses on the attitude of British Columbia, Canada – it is a debate that is highly […]