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  • What is an Holistic Drug Rehab ?

    Any rehab that offers treatment for anyone addicted to any type of drug, should in effect be an holistic rehab whether they call themselves that will not. It is an unfortunate fact that many people including rehabs use the word holistic because it appeals vert much to people’s sense of their own self-worth, and appeals […]

  • What is the most effective Drug Treatment?

    Anyone looking for a effective drug treatment is likely to have about three or possibly four different options or routes to go down. It is also important to add that the term drug treatment can either refer to what are commonly perceived as illegal drugs, to prescription drugs or to both in addition to a […]

  • What are Drug Detox Programs ?

    Understanding drug detox programs and what is involved and where they are available is a hugely important process for both the individual concerned who is addicted to a type of drugs, and for those around an individual who are trying to help them. A number of drug detox programs will take place in the context […]