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  • Alcohol Treatment Centers

    Rehab addict is a term that can have two very specific but very different meanings. The most normal and traditional meaning is that it is a term that has applied to an individual who enters a rehab because they have an addiction to alcohol or drugs or some other type of compulsive behaviour such as […]

  • The Issue of Abuse

    When most people hear the term of abuse, they generally tend to think of sexual abuse or some type of physical abuse or violence. Whilst these types of abuse are certainly a large part of the effects and consequences of active alcoholism and active addiction, there is a wider context to the whole issue of […]

  • Addiction Treatment/Drug Rehab Center Florida

    A drug rehab centre in Florida will often be the first port of call for a client or someone on their behalf who believes they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. There is a belief that a drug rehab centre in Florida is the most appropriate place for someone who has an addiction to […]

  • Florida drug rehab facilities And NA

    The main therapeutic work that occurs within the context of a Florida drug rehab facilities operation will be closely linked, or is most likely to be closely linked with the basic principles that are in the 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous. It is also very likely that a Florida drug rehab will encourage clients […]