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  • Will a rehab center in Florida be covered by insurance ?

    Most rehab centres in Florida, if not all of them, will gear their costings to insurance plans as provided by the major health insurance providers or companies. This is not to say that everyone who attends a rehab center in Florida pays via insurance. Some people do pay privately, others may be paid for by […]

  • What does a rehab center in Florida cost ?

    If you look at the websites for most of the rehab centres in Florida, one fact will be noticeably absent, which is how much they cost. Depending on your level of cynicism, many people assume that the reason for this is because of the high cost or expense of nature of what a rehab center […]

  • Hazelden introduces maintenance programme

    For the first time, Hazelden will begin providing medication-assisted treatment for people hooked on heroin or opioid painkillers, starting at its Center City, Minnesota facility and expanding across its treatment network in five states in 2012 This so-called maintenance therapy differs from simply detoxifying addicts until they are completely abstinent. Instead, it acknowledges that continued […]