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  • What is an Holistic Drug Rehab ?

    Any rehab that offers treatment for anyone addicted to any type of drug, should in effect be an holistic rehab whether they call themselves that will not. It is an unfortunate fact that many people including rehabs use the word holistic because it appeals vert much to people’s sense of their own self-worth, and appeals […]

  • Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida Addiction Treatment

    The nature of addiction and addiction treatment in relation to drug treatment and alcoholism/alcohol abuse can vary widely between various rehabs and treatment centers and can sometimes be a confusing array of different options and different types of help that is available. An holistic drug rehab in Florida is likely to combine this confusion, all […]

  • What is an Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida ?

    An holistic drug rehab in Florida normally refers to a drug/alcohol rehab in Florida that terms itself as an holistic rehab. The word holistic can refer to a number of specific ideas and attitudes and approaches to treatment and therapeutic addiction methods, but generally carries more impact because of it emotional pull as a word […]

  • What are holistic treatment centers ?

    It is always somewhat difficult to generalise about the nature of treatment centers, as they can vary widely both in terms of location, clinical staff, treatment methods and clinical programs. An holistic treatment center is a term that can be applied to many so-called normal or ordinary treatment centers, but the term holistic tends to […]