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  • Alcohol and Drugs Rehab Drugs List

    Most rehabs will offer to treat addiction to alcohol and a wide range of drugs, as well as possibly other addictions. The website of the rehab should list the names of the drugs that it offers treatment for the addiction to. It is likely that the recovery process in the rehab will focus on the […]

  • What are symptoms of alcoholism?

    When a person is admitted to a rehab, one of the first things that they and their family will be told, both directly and indirectly is that alcoholism is an illness, and that an alcoholic as such, is a person who is suffering from that illness. Some people and literature refer to alcoholism as a […]

  • Therapeutic programs

    Really interesting piece of research by Gila Chen, looking at the effectiveness of different therapeutic programs as part of a process of rehabilitation for recovering addicts. The research piexe was published in The International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminolgy and was entitled¬† Social Support, Spiritual Program, and Addiction Recovery. Abstract This study compared […]