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  • Research into cocaine addiction

    New research by scientists at  Michigan University show insight into way cocaine works in the brain, and how addiction loop might be broken ‘Researchers say cocaine alters the nucleus accumbens, the brain’s pleasure center that responds to stimuli such as food, sex, and drugs. “Understanding what happens molecularly to this brain region during long-term exposure […]

  • Research into high energy levels and alcoholism

    Research into why people drink excessively, become alcoholics, or simply heavy drinkers with an alcohol problem (if there is such a thing) is a hugely complex area because of the diverse nature of people, alcohol and the effects of alcohol on people. This piece of research done at Yale, and published in the Journal of […]

  • Vispassana in prison

    Research looking at the positive effects of a Vispassana course in prison, hold much interest and hope for alcoholics and drug addicts who are prison inmates. The Practice of Positive Criminology A Vipassana Course in Prison Abstract Positive criminology  is a new term for a perspective associated with theories and models that relate to socially […]

  • Therapeutic programs

    Really interesting piece of research by Gila Chen, looking at the effectiveness of different therapeutic programs as part of a process of rehabilitation for recovering addicts. The research piexe was published in The International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminolgy and was entitled  Social Support, Spiritual Program, and Addiction Recovery. Abstract This study compared […]

  • Quality of life

    Hugely important piece of research by Professor Ann Bowling into the measurement of disease specific quality of life scales Abstract underneath ‘The aim of this volume is to introduce the key literature on the psychometric properties of measures of disease-specific quality of life, including the symptom scales often used alongside them. In addition to updating […]

  • Spirituality and Depression

    Relationship Between Spirituality and Depressive Symptoms Among Inpatient Individuals Who Abuse Substances Naelys Diaz  1. E. Gail Horton  2. Diane Green1  3. John McIlveen  4. Michael Weiner  5. Donald Mullaney This study aims to examine the relationship between spirituality and believing in God’s presence and depressive symptoms among 160 inpatient individuals who abuse substances. Findings […]

  • Spirituality and Alcoholism

    Research – Spirituality and Alcoholism This is a piece of research by Stephanie Carroll into the relationship between spirituality and a sense of life purpose as realised through recovery from alcoholism and by practising the 12 steps as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous.T he research focused on spirituality as realised through step 11 and […]