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    ‘A recovery home in Marquette is committed to give women suffering from drug addiction a safe place to stay. Within the past two years, Sue B’s House has officially become a successful program in helping women help themselves. “Do you know in a phoenix and mythology, how they burn and then rise from their ashes? […]

  • Making money by being sober

    ‘From 1982 to 1987 I travelled a wild and rocky road on Wall Street. My five years as a futures trader at the epicentre of capitalism were stressful, and to deal with it I played hard. I was young and impressionable and was taken in by all the temptations the city could offer, like a […]


    When people talk about sober living, they are invariably talking about people who have been alcoholics or sometimes drug addicts or possibly both who have got clean and sober, and are trying to rebuild their lives both internally and externally. Living sober is a title of one of the books published by Alcoholics Anonymous that […]

  • Rehab sober living

    Most people entering a rehab will at some level appreciate that hopefully it is the beginning of a period of sober living that will last for most of their lives. Some people will see this as a rebuilding process, others will see it as a last gasp attempt to reconstruct their lives. The nature of […]