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  • Spiritual Cleansing

    Buried deep within the Mile End, an unassuming garage door on Marconi St. was wide open to the elements, yet what lay inside was still shrouded in mystery. The hypnotic scent of Palo Santo incense overwhelmed my senses as soon as I stepped into the vacuous warehouse. The warm light coming from outside enveloped the […]

  • Spirituality in a Rehab in Florida

    Some people might be surprised when considering entering a rehab that there is any talk of spirituality, let alone the significant amount of time devoted to concepts associated with spirituality and religion, God, prayer and meditation – a spiritual life ! In truth, spirituality has been at the heart of recovery from alcoholism since the […]

  • Hope

    A Rehab and Hope Being able to give someone a sense of hope that is based on reality is perhaps in many ways the greatest gift that you can give to someone. Someone entering a rehab, however grim their situation may be, is likely to have lost most, if not all hope about themselves and […]

  • Spiritual development

    The idea of spiritual development in relation to recovery from alcoholism/alcohol abuse whether in a rehab or by directly going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is sometimes a difficult concept for many people to grasp. This is because most people who have a fairly limited understanding or experience of alcoholism will see the problem as being […]

  • What is trust in God?

    The concept of trusting God begins for most people in childhood, with a sense that it adds a level of safety to the safety that a child hopefully feels within their family. It is unlikely to be spelt out in detail what this means, but will most likely be a felt sense of trust that […]

  • Quality of life

    Hugely important piece of research by Professor Ann Bowling into the measurement of disease specific quality of life scales Abstract underneath ‘The aim of this volume is to introduce the key literature on the psychometric properties of measures of disease-specific quality of life, including the symptom scales often used alongside them. In addition to updating […]

  • Spirituality and Depression

    Relationship Between Spirituality and Depressive Symptoms Among Inpatient Individuals Who Abuse Substances Naelys Diaz  1. E. Gail Horton  2. Diane Green1  3. John McIlveen  4. Michael Weiner  5. Donald Mullaney This study aims to examine the relationship between spirituality and believing in God’s presence and depressive symptoms among 160 inpatient individuals who abuse substances. Findings […]

  • Spirituality and Alcoholism

    Research – Spirituality and Alcoholism This is a piece of research by Stephanie Carroll into the relationship between spirituality and a sense of life purpose as realised through recovery from alcoholism and by practising the 12 steps as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous.T he research focused on spirituality as realised through step 11 and […]