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  • Substance Abuse Detox

    A substance abuse detox assessment is a crucial and necessary part of any addiction treatment program that is offered by a residential or day care type rehab or treatment center. The facilities and personnel to oversee such an assessment should be a vital part of any research that is done prior to treatment being sought. […]

  • Rehab and Treatment

    There tends to be a belief that anyone who needs a type of treatment for alcoholism or any other type of addiction needs to enter a residential rehab in order to get better and get the help they need to either stop drinking or using the substance that is causing them so much grief. It […]


    Alcohol treatment will be a process designed for anyone who recognises or comes to recognise that they have a problem with alcohol, and are often referred to as alcoholics or people who have alcohol addiction problems. The nature of alcoholism and alcohol addiction can sometimes be endlessly debated, but in reality the basis for acknowledging […]

  • What is Treatment?

    When people talk about treatment, they are invariably referring to a treatment center, most commonly known as a rehab, where people can go to get help if they have a problem with alcoholism or addiction to other substances or behaviours. Having said that, the term treatment can cover a wide range of options that can […]

  • Treatment at a drug rehab in South Florida

    Anyone seeking help by way of a drug rehab in South Florida will want to know what treatment facilities and addiction treatment programs the rehab offers by way of help, and what level of clinical experts and medical staff are available to help oversee these treatment facilities and methods. The treatment facilities of any rehab […]

  • What are holistic treatment centers ?

    It is always somewhat difficult to generalise about the nature of treatment centers, as they can vary widely both in terms of location, clinical staff, treatment methods and clinical programs. An holistic treatment center is a term that can be applied to many so-called normal or ordinary treatment centers, but the term holistic tends to […]

  • What is a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator?

    Substance abuse addiction has become much more common in recent times, both as a time in the context of addiction and by its nature a problem for many people. A substance abuse treatment facility locator is a method of trying to findĀ out the physical location of a rehab or treatment center or treatment facility that […]